The MARYMOUNT CORPORATION (herein MARYMOUNT) informs its interest groups its Privacy Policy which has been adopted in compliance with statutory law 1581 issued in 2012.

All personal data collected by MARYMOUNT will be treated according to the principles and regulations established by the Colombian laws and to best practices applied to the management of personal data.

Personal Information collected by MARYMOUNT will be treated according to the following general guidelines.

  • Perform its main activity consistent to the educational service geared towards the education of human beings who are happy, integral, socially responsible, and respectful towards the environment, different cultures and religions.
  • Assess and guide the students’ process which can be done by means of technological systems.
  • Inform about the academic and extracurricular activities whether they are executed independently or with the collaboration of third parties.
  • Manage the relationships with interest groups which can be students, parents, faculty, directives, providers, academic communities, authorities, visitors, accreditation associations, alumnae, among others.
  • Inform about the opening, selection, admission and enrollment of the potential students and families who are interested in becoming part of Marymount.
  • Inform through traditional or online channels about the academic, extracurricular, cultural, social, public, legal and/o any services related to the main activity above-mentioned.
  • Comply with or demand the obligations or commitments derived from the existing relationships with its interest groups.
  • Inform its interest groups about institutional social responsibility activities.
  • Manage the security of the people, goods and informational assets in the organization.
  • Promote a positive environment.
  • Comply with the legal dispositions that can be applied to the educational institution.
  • Share required information with third parties that need to manage personal information from any of the interest groups for any academic or extracurricular activities.

For each institutional process, and according to the personal information collected, the purpose of the collection of personal information, the name of the person responsible for it, as well as the rights the visitors have regarding the collection of personal information and the mechanisms in place to communicate the Privacy Policy, will be informed beforehand.

In compliance with the present laws, we inform that the collection, use and disclosure of personal information can be managed directly or by third parties in information centers in Colombia or abroad in places such as The United Stated of America, Europe, Latin America or other territories.

Any person that is part of the interest groups has the following rights with regard to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information:

  • Know, update, rectify, or cancel the information collected in the cases where canceling or opposing the collection of Personal Information is applicable.
  • Request evidence of the consent unless there is a legal authorization for the collection of Personal Information.
  • Execute the actions that the legal regulations recognize with regard to the protection of Personal Information and Habeas Data.

For the petition of Habeas Data, the owner of the Personal Information can contact MARYMOUNT at [email protected] or by writing to our address: Calle 7 No. 25-64 in Medellin, Colombia.

The Habeas Data petitioner must provide contact information so that we can process and respond to the request.

After receiving the petition, MARMOUNT will respond within the legal timeframe.

The MARYMOUNT collection of Personal Information is done according to the policy adopted by the institution in compliance by the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

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This Policy was approved by MARYMOUNT on February 28, 2017