1st – 4th Grade

7:15a.m. to 3:15p.m.

Our main goal in Elementary School is to educate autonomous, socially responsible and environmentally conscious girls who enjoy and take part in their learning process, use free time in a healthy way, and learn how to establish harmonious, respectful, solidary and collaborative relationships with their peers.

To achieve this, the interdisciplinary team who works in this division relies on pedagogical, methodological and technological tools to help the students to develop their social, communicative, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, as well as build habits and study methods.

Arts, music and dance are offered from 1st to 11th grade to foster intellectual development, cultural diversity, physical activity, creativity and artistic expression. Students work in projects in a bilingual setting.

Cristina Bravo Vásquez.


[email protected]
Telephone 266 15 55 ext 118

Liliana Mejía Acosta.


[email protected]
Telephone 266 15 55 ext 133