Holistic Education

Academic excellence

The academic excellence is marked by three criteria:


Accredited by two International agencies

Accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Both institutions are renowned worldwide and endorsed by The Colombian Ministry of Education.

Mapped curriculum

A rigorous curriculum aligned with the Cambridge International Examinations. To meet these standards, our students take progression tests in English, Science and Mathematics from 2nd to 8th grade. As a result the students reach 10th and 11th grade prepared to take the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Passing these examinations means that, in addition to the Colombian High School Diploma, they obtain an international diploma which is widely recognized by universities around the world as evidence of academic achievement.

Multilingual program

English introduced in the early years and French in 5th grade, is based upon the following principles:

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Over 65% of classes taught in English.

Teachers certified with international qualifications (TKT, IELTS, DELF).


Members of the RSHM Network of schools

Member school of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) network which is made up of 20 schools around the world. This has brought us close to other international institutions and given us the opportunity to establish exchange programs for our students with other member schools in New York and Brazil; participate in international sports festivals; attend the Network annual meeting of school principals; and have exchange programs for teachers and psychologists.

Agreements with international universities

In the case of Medellin, they are particularly interested in Marymount School for being a girls-only, accredited school that offers an international curriculum and high quality education. They are looking for students in the fields of basic sciences, engineering, the media, health sciences and administration.


The School is recognized for its quality in education and its holistic program that strengthens each girl’s potential and ensures her professional success.

Since 2005 the School has achieved what is now called Level A+ in Saber examinations. Our school has been recognized by the Mayor and the City Council as one of the top 10 schools in Medellin based on the ICFES examinations. Marymount has surpassed the city, department, and national average scores in the Saber examinations.


Having 100% of our students admitted to university is clear evidence of our commitment to academic excellence.

Values-based education

Marymount School understands education in values as a holistic and continuous process based on ethical, moral, cultural and social principles that guide our students in their personal development. Through the experience of values, motivation and example the students are empowered to develop their full potential, and become autonomous and compassionate women for their own good and that of the wider community. This process is outlined and guided by the Values Council that is in charge of the various projects in which all students participate.

  • Demonstrates positive feelings towards herself, others and the environment.
  • Takes care of her body, integrity and health.
  • Is aware that her actions, words and omissions affect other people’s feelings.
  • Apologizes when behaving inappropriately, takes responsibility for her mistakes and makes up for them.
  • Is thankful for other people’s intentions and behaves politely.
  • Communicates appropriately without hurting other people’s dignity and their good name.
  • Behaves with sensibility and solidarity in face of other people’s limitations.
  • Expresses her opinions and feelings in a clear, positive and timely manner whilst listening to others.
  • Understands her rights and duties.
  • Takes care of her ecological and cultural environment.
  • Demonstrates a sense of belonging for the Colombian Nationality.
  • Believes in her potential and makes the most out of them.
  • Recognizes and accepts the consequences of her actions.
  • extrinsic motivation.
  • Participates in the achievement of goals.
  • Looks for appropriate solutions when facing a problem.
  • Has clear personal goals and works to achieve them.
  • Presents her opinions and points of view clearly and commits to them.
  • Recognizes that she is in the process of permanent development.
  • Shows coherence with what she thinks, feels, says and does.
  • Is aware of her strengths and things to improve.
  • Is not afraid of asking for help or helping others.
  • Uses her own goods and others’ appropriately.
  • Expresses herself with the truth.
  • Recognizes what is good for herself and for others.
  • Accepts, makes up for and learns from her mistakes.
  • Shows an authentic and righteous behavior.
  • Is sensitive to the needs and feelings of the people around her.
  • Looks for solutions to the problems that affect her family, friends, city and country.
  • Helps others no matter the circumstances.
  • Knows how to care for and listens to those around her.
  • Shares without expecting anything in return.
  • Encourages peaceful interpersonal relationships.
  • Recognizes her own limitations.
  • Values and respects people’s differences.
  • Recognizes the value of individuality.
  • Makes an effort to listen to and accept others.
  • Encourages the free expression of ideas and feelings.
  • Uses dialogue as a means to search for the truth and to solve problems.
  • Shows serenity in face of difficulties and clarifies misunderstandings.
  • Shows a clear and transcendent purpose in life.
  • Is faithful and follows her principles.
  • Enjoys having healthy and harmonious relationships
  • Values others as much as herself
  • Appreciates the simple things in life.

Healthy use of free time

In addition to its academic program, Marymount School offers the students a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting extra-curricular activities that help them to develop positive habits in their spare time, healthy lifestyles, and strengthen their character.


Motor skills, gymnastics, figure skating, skating, athletics, cheerleading, ultimate, soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball.


Artistic skills, drama, dance, music band, choir, guitar, painting, handcrafts, yoga, French, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, gastronomy and photography.


Ecological club, robotics,  Model United Nations and Medellin sin Tabú.

Expeditions and language immersion programs

As a way of enhancing the students’ holistic education, our school has developed a series of national expeditions and international language immersion programs. They are connected to the broader curriculum and foster students’ learning from experiences that aim at strengthening their social commitment, environmental awareness, and respect for the cultural and natural diversity of the places they visit. Every year our students have the opportunity to travel to different places:

National Expeditions

Parque Arví

For the 1st grade students / 1 day

Santa Fe de Antioquia

For the 2nd grade students /2 days an 1 night

San Rafael y Guatapé

For the 3rd grade students / 3 days and 2 nights

Bogotá y Boyacá

For the 4th grade students / 5 days and 4 nights


For the 6th grade students / 5 days, 4 nights.


For the 7th grade students / Duration: 5 days, 4 nights.


For the 9th grade students / 5 days, 4 nights.

Los Nevados National Park

For the 10th grade students / 5 days, 4 nights.


Linguistic immersion in Waterloo, Canada

For the 5th grade students / 5 weeks

Linguistic immersion in Quebec, Canada

For the 9th grade students / 5 weeks

Exchange program with the Marymount Schools in New York and Brasil.

For the 9th grade students / 5 weeks each.