High School

9° to 11° grade

7:15a.m. to 3:15p.m.

Instruction in High School seeks to build skills for life that will enable them to become confident, autonomous and competent women, who advocate for their beliefs, solve real-world problems in a creative and innovative way, and make a positive contribution to society once they leave school.  Students are encouraged to take intellectual risks to develop critical thinking skills as well as a love for life-long learning.

We count on a multidisciplinary team of professionals who cultivate values and develop social, communicative and problem-solving skills in the students.

Arts, music and dance are offered from 1st to 11th grade to foster intellectual development, cultural diversity, physical activity, creativity and artistic expression. Students work in projects in a multilingual setting: English bilingual and French as a Foreign Language.

Catalina Caicedo Cadavid


[email protected]
Telephone 266 15 55 ext 120

María Clara Mojica Arango


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Telephone 266 15 55 ext 172